Favorite Freebie Source & Free Canola Oil

IMG_1765When I browse reddit.com/r/freebies I request everything I can. I go through the site about once a month or so & finally got something I wanted to blog about. A 50mL sample of canola oil is useful & exciting!

The great thing about this site is that you can sort by new & hide expired offers. Reddit is considered the front page of the internet offering interesting links & subreddits  (forums) for almost every subject.

This free sample of canola oil is from North Prairie Family Farms in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. They use a European cold-press method to create this naturally nutrient rich oil. It is a non-GMO artisanal oil that chefs in Saskatoon are loving to use in their restaurants.

img_1763.jpgThe sample suggests using it to saute veggies or create a salad dressing.

Check out their website for recipes & keep your eye on reddit.com/r/freebies for more cool freebies & samples!


Free Subway, Face Mask & More!

Did a little freebie hunting today & found some great offers!

Sign into Subway’s free wifi to get a digital coupon for a free 6″ Subway sandwich! This offer is only valid for the first time that you sign in.

Request a free dermal mask from Gaia Earthworks here: http://gaiaearthworks.com/

Free body repair balm from Skin Fix Inc.: http://skinfixinc.com/uk/get-a-free-sample-of-body-repair-balm/

Get a free sticker from Original Stix – a cool company that recycles hockey sticks into phone cases: http://www.originalstix.com/pages/sticker-request-form

You might be able to get some free candle samples from Masoin Jar Candles! Company name is optional, but you will probably have better luck if you have a retail store! Get yours here: https://masonjarcandles.org/request-free-candle-sample-form/

Enter to win a KitchenAid Stand Mixer from The Bay!  http://www.thebay.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/thebay/content-view/contest

I got my free Oasis Active protein snack coupon in the mail this week! I requested this through a sponsored Facebook post that popped up on my feed a couple weeks ago.

Have you received any freebies lately?



Free Samples for Spring 2016 – Sample Source

Samplesource.com is one of my favorite sampling programs for Canadians & Americans!

Twice a year, freebies including beauty, food, household cleaner & and more are delivered to your house! Sample Source keeps getting better & better as they partner with new brands & create more sample programs!

The free samples I received for Spring 2016 have been the best yet! I got things that I am definitely interested in & generous or full sizes!

IMG_0928VH Perfect for Two Teriyaki Stir-Fry Sauce is a full sized sample that I am really excited for. I always use VH Teriyaki sauce when making stir fry! The package is 160mL while the bottle I normally purchase is 355mL & they both have the same ingredients. I would highly recommend this sauce for making Teriyaki meals as it is my favorite pre-made stir-fry sauce.

I am already a big fan of o.b tampons tampons. They are a more environmentally friendly option due to their lack of an applicator & reduced packaging. Make sure to wash your hands well before & after inserting. These tampons are easy to use – just try it!

Breathe Right Strips for snore relief are also available for sampling from SampleSource! IMG_0935

Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar Soap smells minty & refreshing. It says to use up to twice daily, but warns it could dry out your face.

Biore Nose Strips pull out the gunk from your nose & my favorite roommate especially loves them! If you have gunk or blackheads on your nose, Biore nose strips will come to the rescue.

Raspberry Lemonade is my go to drink in the summertime. Jamieson Multi 100% Complete Vitamin Drink Mix is a handy way to get all of my vitamins & comes in a to go package. Just mix the single serving pouch with 495 mL of water – that’s one sip less than a 500mL bottle according to the package. IMG_0952

YUM! I got to try a Brookside Cranberry Almond Dark Chocolate Bar. I love how SampleSource includes snacks in the samplers! It makes the sampling experience so much better!

IMG_0959As a big fan of Dove products, it was amazing that I got sent a sample of Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo, Conditioner & Creme Serum! It is great to have these types of foil samples on hand for travelling! I always use a creme serum to fight frizz & smooth my hair after a shower.

Who doesn’t love getting freebies in the mail?! My house loves that I am mostly on top of the sampling programs & all of the freebies we get. Sign up with Samplesource.com to be notified of the next time you can request a box of free stuff in your mailbox.

Purely Pampered with Dove & Glam Sense

Get ready to be pampered! Dove & Glam Sense teamed up to send reviewers a box filled with goodies to test out for our subscribers!

I regularly use Dove products because they all are highly moisturizing & smell great! The Shea Butter Vanilla scent that was included in this Glam Sense box is another great scent that I’m loving!

IMG_0833Dove Body Wash has been my go to for years because I love it so much! It is so creamy and lathers great! When I got this box in the mail, I was the most excited for the Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Body Wash. I usually use the cucumber & pistachio scented one and my friend always gets compliments about how great she smells from using the citrus one! I love having both the fresh cucumber scent and the warm shea vanilla scent on hand because they are so different. The Shea Vanilla scent is great for taking a relaxing evening shower! Dove Body Wash provides a moisturizing clean feeling that leaves your skin feeling extra soft.

The Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo & Conditioner both smell like argan oil! I like these types of scents & hair products because of the added moisture that these products give. The first time I used it my hair was a voluminous clean with a smooth texture.  I like to interchange oil shampoos & conditioners with regular ones because otherwise the oils can weigh my hair down over time. I don’t wash my hair every day so I have to be careful about how much oil I put in my hair. These products prevent frizz well but since the oil penetrates into hair, your hair will still be smooth & hydrated for days. If you love shiny hair, use the conditioner every time you wash your hair & use the shampoo for an extra shine boost. Dove makes the best oil shampoos & conditioners that I have used and they are super affordable!


IMG_0844Dove’s Beauty Bars are made of 25% moisturizers, providing your skin with tons of moisture as you wash the dirt away.  I got to test out the Dove Purely Pampered Shea Butter Vanilla Beauty Bar. I definitely prefer body wash to bar soap but this bar soap is awesome. It lathers really well once it is on your skin. I love Dove product because they leave your skin feeling very soft.

IMG_0832I was also excited to get a chance to review the Dove Dry Spray Original Antiperspirant. This product has intrigued me ever since the product came out. With the dry spray there is no waiting for the product to dry, but it is hard to tell if you have covered the whole armpit. I still prefer stick deodorant over this product and I recommend the Dove variety. I love the scents and their stick deodorant has been working really well for me. If you need to apply deodorant to areas other than your armpits, this product could work well for you.

Have you used any of these products? What did you think?

Subscribe for my next Dove review on the Advanced Hair Series! More great stuff that leaves your hair smooth & shiny!

Testing Skin Hydration?!

I have been looking for the perfect face creme for a while. My skin has matured now that I’m not a teenager & I need something for normal skin that feels great on my skin!

When Lise Watier & Glam Sense sent me Lise Watier’s new HydraForce Creme to test & review, I was so excited! This testing kit included a device to test the moisture in my skin and the full size HydraForce Creme!

IMG_0712I was sent the normal to dry skin version of the product. The Lise Watier Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme is a thicker creme that smells a little bit like herbs and citrus to me. It smells amazing & I love how great it makes my skin feel and that you can put use it for any body part. The creme hydrates my skin immediately and is comfortable to use.

Lise Watier packaged this product in a jar. This can be problematic because bacteria will thrive in the dark, moist environment of the jar. In order to prevent this, I recommend using a clean scoop to get the product or making sure to wash your hands before dipping them in.

IMG_0999The accompanying app, Hydra-Detect, makes it quick & easy to test the moisture levels in specific areas of skin using a numeric corneometer. It was fun & interesting to see the before and after results and be able to quantify the moisture levels of my skin. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Check out my before and after results below. I couldn’t believe how quickly HydraForce was able to increase moisture levels in my skin.


Hydra B4
Skin Moisture Levels before HydraForce

Immediately after applying, test results are phenomenal and skin hydration levels are sky high. Once the product has been absorbed and some time has passed, I tested again to get more realistic results.

Hydra After
Skin Moisture Levels after HydraForce

With an average increase of 14.7% overall in my skin’s moisture, this product has impressed me! I love the texture, moisturizing capabilities and the way that it feels on skin. The protective properties are fantastic for windy, dry and sunny weather.

Lise Watier’s HydraForce Creme retails for CA$45 for 45mL and is available at Hudson’s Bay and Shopper’s Drug Mart.


Disney Movie Rewards Freebies – February 24, 2016

Disney Movie Rewards is one of my favorite rewards sites! Rewards include Disney trinkets, gift cards and free Disney DVDs. Points are accrued from codes found in Disney DVDs and redeemable for rewards. I earned most of my points for free by playing games & getting the Mystery Bonus Points in the newsletter.

IMG_0634Since my points were about to expire, I redeemed 1250 points for a $10 Starbucks gift card! The gift card turned out to be worth $13.70 in Canadian dollars because it was issued in American funds! This is the only upside of where our dollar is at right now. I have not tried to spend the balance, but it will not let me transfer it to a Canadian Starbucks card.

IMG_0643To use up the remainder of my points, I got a Mickey Micro Cleaner Screen Wipe for 350 points. I have gotten this portable screen cleaner before and it is so cute & easy to use! It sticks to the back of your electronic device and is easily removed to wipe the screen of fingerprints. The small microfiber square will stick again & again – up to thousands of times. This reward is currently out of stock.

Sign up for the Disney Movie Rewards Club to earn free points towards free rewards!


Shoppers $20 Prize & Mail Coupons – January 18, 2016

IMG_0511I won a $20 Shopper’s Drug Mart gift card for participating in the Sample Source o.b. Tampon sampling experience! The market research company found my feedback helpful and I was chosen as a winner!

Winning this gift card has reminded me to keep filling out those surveys! There is a smaller pool of entrants to choose from when entering these contests!

The last WebSaver.ca VIP Mail to Home Coupons were sent out for the 2015 year! I signed up and got the package. These coupons expire at the end of the month.

IMG_0515The envelope included coupons for:

  • Tenderflake frozen products
  • Minute Rice Ready to Serve products
  • Kraft Singles, Velveeta or Cheez Whiz
  • Clif Organic trail mix bars
  • Breathe Right nasal strips
  • RENOVE napkins
  • Kashi bars & cereal
  • Jamieson Digestive Care supplements
  • All-Bran cereal
  • Advil Nighttime
  • Reese Snacksters
  • Duncan Hines Salted Caramel Brownie Mix
  • CeraVe moisturizers or cleansers
  • Claritin products
  • President Spreadable Brie or Feta



Free Holiday Mail Sampler – December 23, 2015

Free Johnson’s Baby Take-Along Pack

I signed up for Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Essentials this summer in order to get this free travel sized baby sampler in the mail!

Check out how to receive your free sample pack in this blog post!

Then, a Holiday Sampler came as a total surprise in the mail! Full of great travel friendly products, this will come in handy while travelling this season! I am a huge fan of makeup wipes and cannot wait to try these!

Free Johnson & Johnson’s Happy Holidays Sampler

The kit I was lucky enough to receive contained:

  • Motrin Liquid Gels (16 capsules)
  • Listerine Total Care Zero (95mL)
  • Neutrogena All-in-One Make-Up Removing Cleansing Wipes (7)
  • Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream (7mL)
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing body wash (59mL)
  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion (28mL)
  • Aveeno Positively Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner (each 9mL)
  • Coupons for associated products

Visit the healthyessentials.ca site to sign up & earn points towards your own free reward product pack and print coupons for extra savings. Sign up for your account for a chance at receiving this on your doorstep next holiday season!

Read My Lips Lipstick – Teeez Glam Sense Box

A brand new product review opportunity is here! Run by TopBox, the first box is sponsored by Teeez Trend Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to be picked to participate in the first opportunity. After a survey, an email alerted me that I was going to receive a free box to review!


In my mystery box, I got the Read My Lips Lipstick in Roulette Rouge. This is a dark red burgundy wine color with a satin matte finish. The unique finish does not completely set but will not transfer fully off of your lips. Because this lipstick is moisturizing, it does not set on your lips like a normal matte lipstick.

I am bad at wearing lipstick for long periods of time. Even the most long lasting lipstick will come off when I eat a greasy cheeseburger – a common occurrence. Teeez lipstick is supposed to last for 8 hours. I was happy with its easy staying power.

A highly pigmented lipstick formula leads to an opaque finish that suited my lips and coloring. I loved that it was moisturizing and had a great smell.

The packaging is adorable with a colorful watercolor skull on the tube. The tube is made of sturdy plastic and retails online for USD$22.00.


Take-Along Baby Mail Freebies – December 17, 2015

A while back I signed up for Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Essentials site and received a coupon for a free Baby Take-Along Pack! This kit included travel sized baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby body wash, baby powder, Penaten cream and 2 nursing pads.


The baby powder is a fantastic way to soak up oil from greasy hair and the baby body wash & shampoo are a gentle way to clean dirty makeup brushes. Penaten is supposed to be a great moisturizer for more than just nipples!

Sign up for your free kit at healthyessentials.ca! Fill out the profile survey and say that you are just about to have a child in order to request this freebie. A coupon will come in the mail for a free Johnson’s Baby Take-Along Pack – available at Walmart.

You can also gain points towards a free product pack on this site. I just got a surprise from Johnson & Johnson in the mail – so look out for free goodies when you sign up! I will be posting about this soon!