Favorite Freebie Source & Free Canola Oil

IMG_1765When I browse reddit.com/r/freebies I request everything I can. I go through the site about once a month or so & finally got something I wanted to blog about. A 50mL sample of canola oil is useful & exciting!

The great thing about this site is that you can sort by new & hide expired offers. Reddit is considered the front page of the internet offering interesting links & subreddits  (forums) for almost every subject.

This free sample of canola oil is from North Prairie Family Farms in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. They use a European cold-press method to create this naturally nutrient rich oil. It is a non-GMO artisanal oil that chefs in Saskatoon are loving to use in their restaurants.

img_1763.jpgThe sample suggests using it to saute veggies or create a salad dressing.

Check out their website for recipes & keep your eye on reddit.com/r/freebies for more cool freebies & samples!


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