Free Samples for Spring 2016 – Sample Source is one of my favorite sampling programs for Canadians & Americans!

Twice a year, freebies including beauty, food, household cleaner & and more are delivered to your house! Sample Source keeps getting better & better as they partner with new brands & create more sample programs!

The free samples I received for Spring 2016 have been the best yet! I got things that I am definitely interested in & generous or full sizes!

IMG_0928VH Perfect for Two Teriyaki Stir-Fry Sauce is a full sized sample that I am really excited for. I always use VH Teriyaki sauce when making stir fry! The package is 160mL while the bottle I normally purchase is 355mL & they both have the same ingredients. I would highly recommend this sauce for making Teriyaki meals as it is my favorite pre-made stir-fry sauce.

I am already a big fan of o.b tampons tampons. They are a more environmentally friendly option due to their lack of an applicator & reduced packaging. Make sure to wash your hands well before & after inserting. These tampons are easy to use – just try it!

Breathe Right Strips for snore relief are also available for sampling from SampleSource! IMG_0935

Biore Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar Soap smells minty & refreshing. It says to use up to twice daily, but warns it could dry out your face.

Biore Nose Strips pull out the gunk from your nose & my favorite roommate especially loves them! If you have gunk or blackheads on your nose, Biore nose strips will come to the rescue.

Raspberry Lemonade is my go to drink in the summertime. Jamieson Multi 100% Complete Vitamin Drink Mix is a handy way to get all of my vitamins & comes in a to go package. Just mix the single serving pouch with 495 mL of water – that’s one sip less than a 500mL bottle according to the package. IMG_0952

YUM! I got to try a Brookside Cranberry Almond Dark Chocolate Bar. I love how SampleSource includes snacks in the samplers! It makes the sampling experience so much better!

IMG_0959As a big fan of Dove products, it was amazing that I got sent a sample of Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo, Conditioner & Creme Serum! It is great to have these types of foil samples on hand for travelling! I always use a creme serum to fight frizz & smooth my hair after a shower.

Who doesn’t love getting freebies in the mail?! My house loves that I am mostly on top of the sampling programs & all of the freebies we get. Sign up with to be notified of the next time you can request a box of free stuff in your mailbox.


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