Testing Skin Hydration?!

I have been looking for the perfect face creme for a while. My skin has matured now that I’m not a teenager & I need something for normal skin that feels great on my skin!

When Lise Watier & Glam Sense sent me Lise Watier’s new HydraForce Creme to test & review, I was so excited! This testing kit included a device to test the moisture in my skin and the full size HydraForce Creme!

IMG_0712I was sent the normal to dry skin version of the product. The Lise Watier Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme is a thicker creme that smells a little bit like herbs and citrus to me. It smells amazing & I love how great it makes my skin feel and that you can put use it for any body part. The creme hydrates my skin immediately and is comfortable to use.

Lise Watier packaged this product in a jar. This can be problematic because bacteria will thrive in the dark, moist environment of the jar. In order to prevent this, I recommend using a clean scoop to get the product or making sure to wash your hands before dipping them in.

IMG_0999The accompanying app, Hydra-Detect, makes it quick & easy to test the moisture levels in specific areas of skin using a numeric corneometer. It was fun & interesting to see the before and after results and be able to quantify the moisture levels of my skin. The app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Check out my before and after results below. I couldn’t believe how quickly HydraForce was able to increase moisture levels in my skin.


Hydra B4
Skin Moisture Levels before HydraForce

Immediately after applying, test results are phenomenal and skin hydration levels are sky high. Once the product has been absorbed and some time has passed, I tested again to get more realistic results.

Hydra After
Skin Moisture Levels after HydraForce

With an average increase of 14.7% overall in my skin’s moisture, this product has impressed me! I love the texture, moisturizing capabilities and the way that it feels on skin. The protective properties are fantastic for windy, dry and sunny weather.

Lise Watier’s HydraForce Creme retails for CA$45 for 45mL and is available at Hudson’s Bay and Shopper’s Drug Mart.



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