Disney Movie Rewards Freebies – February 24, 2016

Disney Movie Rewards is one of my favorite rewards sites! Rewards include Disney trinkets, gift cards and free Disney DVDs. Points are accrued from codes found in Disney DVDs and redeemable for rewards. I earned most of my points for free by playing games & getting the Mystery Bonus Points in the newsletter.

IMG_0634Since my points were about to expire, I redeemed 1250 points for a $10 Starbucks gift card! The gift card turned out to be worth $13.70 in Canadian dollars because it was issued in American funds! This is the only upside of where our dollar is at right now. I have not tried to spend the balance, but it will not let me transfer it to a Canadian Starbucks card.

IMG_0643To use up the remainder of my points, I got a Mickey Micro Cleaner Screen Wipe for 350 points. I have gotten this portable screen cleaner before and it is so cute & easy to use! It sticks to the back of your electronic device and is easily removed to wipe the screen of fingerprints. The small microfiber square will stick again & again – up to thousands of times. This reward is currently out of stock.

Sign up for the Disney Movie Rewards Club to earn free points towards free rewards!



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