Read My Lips Lipstick – Teeez Glam Sense Box

A brand new product review opportunity is here! Run by TopBox, the first box is sponsored by Teeez Trend Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to be picked to participate in the first opportunity. After a survey, an email alerted me that I was going to receive a free box to review!


In my mystery box, I got the Read My Lips Lipstick in Roulette Rouge. This is a dark red burgundy wine color with a satin matte finish. The unique finish does not completely set but will not transfer fully off of your lips. Because this lipstick is moisturizing, it does not set on your lips like a normal matte lipstick.

I am bad at wearing lipstick for long periods of time. Even the most long lasting lipstick will come off when I eat a greasy cheeseburger – a common occurrence. Teeez lipstick is supposed to last for 8 hours. I was happy with its easy staying power.

A highly pigmented lipstick formula leads to an opaque finish that suited my lips and coloring. I loved that it was moisturizing and had a great smell.

The packaging is adorable with a colorful watercolor skull on the tube. The tube is made of sturdy plastic and retails online for USD$22.00.



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