Take-Along Baby Mail Freebies – December 17, 2015

A while back I signed up for Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Essentials site and received a coupon for a free Baby Take-Along Pack! This kit included travel sized baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby body wash, baby powder, Penaten cream and 2 nursing pads.


The baby powder is a fantastic way to soak up oil from greasy hair and the baby body wash & shampoo are a gentle way to clean dirty makeup brushes. Penaten is supposed to be a great moisturizer for more than just nipples!

Sign up for your free kit at healthyessentials.ca! Fill out the profile survey and say that you are just about to have a child in order to request this freebie. A coupon will come in the mail for a free Johnson’s Baby Take-Along Pack – available at Walmart.

You can also gain points towards a free product pack on this site. I just got a surprise from Johnson & Johnson in the mail – so look out for free goodies when you sign up! I will be posting about this soon!


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