Product Testing Freebie – The Super Sizer Mascara by COVERGIRL

I got a new BzzCampaign – Covergirl’s The Super Sizer mascara by LashBlast! Hate false lashes? Try The SuperSizer mascara by COVERGIRL! The 3 step process creates the looks of falsies!

The Covergirl BzzKit came with a tube of The Super Sizer mascara in very black & 5 coupons for $2 off to share with friends! This mascara features a unique wand & will give you 400% extra volume!

IMG_0229The Super Sizer definitely makes your lashes look big and can deposit a large amount. Wipe the brush off on the top of the tube for best application results. The Super Sizer is great at catching every lash & making it bold. Twirl the brush to ensure that every bristle grabs each lash for the best look. With a bit of brush twirling practice you will have amazing looking lashes in 1-2 coats.

I got The Super Sizer Mascara by COVERGIRL from BzzAgent to review! After mastering the 3 step application process, I was loving the mascara on days when I need 400% more volume!

The unique Lash Styler generously applies the product as you twirl it through. Start at the very base of your lashes with the shortest part of the wand, twirl to the tip and style the lashes to your preference! The result: super sized lashes that you will love!

I would recommend this mascara if you crave huge bold lashes! It creates an easy dramatic look that is better than falsies!


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