Mail Freebies: SampleSource Fall 2015

I love getting free samplers – especially SampleSource! This one is definitely the longest box I have ever gotten & it was packed full of goodies!

IMG_0344There are coffee & tea samples! Tetley Signature Collection High Tea sample of 2 black tea bags with vanilla! Melitta sent a k-cup of 100% Colombian coffee. It seems to be made out of mesh, so I am going to try and use it in a pour over. Also got 1 coupons from Melitta, save $2 on 1 product & $4.50 on 2.

The next exciting things are food! Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai & Blueberry Flavours came last time as well & I enjoyed them a lot! I typically don’t pick up fruity chocolate, but this is a great treat! Vector Protein in the peanut flavor. This will be a great emergency breakfast.

Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Rejuventating Whitening with a Refreshing Twist toothpaste! This is a trevel sized tuybe that wil come oin handy! I have used this before and it is not as gross as you might think. Its just as gross as regular toothpoaste.

I also got Dove Advanced Series Oxygen Moisture shampoo & conditioner! Definitely will be using this for travel!

Emergen-C Acai Berry drink mix chock full of Vitamin C. I will admit that I forgot about my sample of this from the last box. I guess I can compare the two flavors now!

And as always, Breathe Right strips to stop snoring!

This was a great box of free samples! Make sure to sign up now at in order to get an email about the next sampler pack!


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