Freebies – August 31, 2015

IMG_0047I redeemed a FPC for the GreedLid compost starter kit! A Facebook Sampler campaign opened up 100 FPCs to send to a friend at a certain time during the week of #GROWeek & I was lucky enough to get one!

The GreenLid is a compostable compost system that is leak & smell proof for up to 10 days! I am super excited to try this method & start composting!

After filling the container with organic waste, & covering with the reusable smell-proof lid, seal the vessel with the compostable lid & place into your city’s organic waste container or your backyard compost bin!

Request these free offers for today:


Heinz Ketchup or Pickle lapel pin!

Pamper’s Rewards Points:

Sumbit code FBH73RD8AWAHH15 for 10 points & TWITWO4CD3RGA15  for 5 points at!


Back to School Survival Kit! Single entry. Ends September 13, 2015.

Facebook Flash:

Smirnoff Ice Coolers Bags with Speakers!


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