Mail Freebies – August 10, 2015

IMG_7057I got to redeem my FPC on Friday for some Lucky Charms Marshmallow treats! General Mills has been giving away free product coupons for Free Fridays all summer long! These mailed coupons come from & are good for one day only! Check out their current inventory of printed & mailed coupons.

I also have received all of the trial issues of the National Post. This came for 6 weekends on Fridays & Saturdays. It was great waking up to a freebie and reading the newspaper. All 12 issues were great, but I will not be continuing this as I already get my news online for free.

I found tons of freebies for today – go get them!!


Llama sticker!

Learn to Fly Kit! It doesn’t specify what is in this kit, besides information, but I am hoping for some cool pictures or stickers!

Sinclair Pharmaceuticals Kelo-Cote Scar Cream. It seems as if the before & after anonymous photos will not be needed.

Sketch Wallet sticker! Check out the #SketchWallet project on Kickstarter!

Enfagrow A+ toddler nutritional drink! This sample comes with Your Toddler magazine, newsletter coupons, and personalized support.


Check out my giveaway for free Ozery Pita Break products!

Enter Daily Entry Contests or see all of the Current Contests!

Happy Winning!


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