Beginner’s Coupon Shop Freebies

I knew I was going shopping today because of those darn free product coupons that only work on one day and I had the day off so I decided to do small shop!

IMG_6799My experience with couponing has so far only consisted of redeeming a FPC and using a coupon on a regular priced item. I have been collecting coupons from contacting companies, store tearpads, online coupon site & offers & other coupon opportunities for a while to save money on my groceries.

The plan was to get 4 free items using FPCs, but the store only had 2 of the free items in stock. I also got to save on things I was needing to buy anyways!

IMG_6792There was a tearpad coupon for Hidden Valley ranch dressing a couple months ago & more recently, tearpad coupons for McCain Pizza Pockets. I saved $1 on each product that I would regularly buy!

Eggs & lettuce saved $0.25 on each! These coupons came from  the VIP mailed coupons! See what else came in this month’s envelope here.

IMG_6801The Clear shampoo & conditioner is something that I was excited to find! I needed conditioner and this shampoo & conditioner duo was on clearance for $3.98 and I had a coupon for $2 off of a Clear product. Each product ended up costing $0.99! The $2 off coupon came from the Unilever Savings Book that I had requested from the company.

The freebies that I got are the Twix Bites and the Frozen fruit snacks. These free product coupons came from The new General Mills FPC that I used on Frozen fruit snacks coupon was redeemable on one day only, the 17 of July.


Overall, I am happy with my shopping experience! I have never been able to combine a clearance sale with a coupon before! And it is always exciting to save on regular grocery items!

Don’t forget to redeem your FPC for Clif Organic from the VIP mailed coupons! This coupon is only valid tomorrow – July 22!


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