Calgary Stampede Freebies!

Happy Stampede! Everyone in Calgary knows you can get some delicious free pancake breakfasts everyday during the Stampede! In 2012, Stampede Starvation, ate for free during the entire week and a half!


First, don’t forget the obligatory cowboy hat! During Stampede you can get a free, cheaply made cowboy hat wherever you normally pick up your beer! This is perfect, because you can just get rid of the hat when it annoys you, advertise how you got to that state of inebriation and dress up like a cowboy all for free!

My Stampede freebies began with the Suncor Energy Family Day free admission and pancake breakfast for the first 20,000 starting at 7am! A free Grandstand show from 8-10am was provided with entertainment from Acrodunk, Ukrainian Dancers Suzirya, Calgary Tai Chi Martial Arts College, Dylan Gillet and Mini Chuck Wagons.


We ended up getting a stamp for re-entry and came back for free after work. They started giving out stamps at 8am and there was a line up!

There are a ton of free shows at the Agrium Western Event Centre. We got to catch the Stock Dog World Championships and a heavy horse show! The stock dogs herd 3 untrained sheep around obstacles into an enclosure in under 4 minutes. It is fun to watch and the crowd has to be completely silent in order for the handler to communicate with his or her dog with whistles and shouts. The heavy horse competition was interesting and the horses are beautiful!
IMG_6678In the Agriculture Building, Agrium Centre and BMO Centre there are some fun contests and freebies with the exhibitors! You can fill out an Alberta Pork quiz ballot for your chance to win a $50 Toys R Us gift card and more! All of the interesting and easy answers are found on the display! There is also a Co-op booth advertising a contest to win a side of beef at!

Share a Coke is back and you can get 2 free Cokes! In front of the Saddledome there is a completely free personalized Coca Cola machine with about an hour wait! You will get another free Coke waiting in line for your free personalized 222mL can.

Happy Stampeding everyone! Be Safe and Have Fun!


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