Freebies & Wins – July 7, 2015


Mail call! Woo! I got my prize from the Nescafe Red Mugger Facebook contest! I won 3 times out of 10! This is my second mug to arrive! Although these mugs are smaller, I still love them!

Accidentally, I must have requested the Barlean’s samples twice. I still have not tried the first ones! You can request this freebie here.

Click these links to get your own freebies:


Swimmingly stickers!

HNGR stickers!


Litehouse Backyard BBQ! (nonreferal link) Daily. Ends July 31, 2015.

Red Tag Vacations Stay An Extra Day in Florida! Single entry. Ends July 29, 2015.

Simmons Beautyrest Harmony Chopin II Queen size matress! Compose a sleepless lullaby about all of the things that keep you up at night and you could win! Use #sleephappilyeverafter and #searscanada in a video (up to 1 minute long), audio clip (up to 1 minute long) or lyrics (10 to 250 words)! You can also enter on Twitter and Instagram! Single entry. Ends 

Summer Beauty Survival prize pack! Daily. Ends July 20, 2015.

Facebook Flash:

Self watering raining flower pot!


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