Freebies – May 26, 2015

IMG_6399I got a whole bunch of coupons in the mail yesterday! I had signed up at to and had contacted POM Wonderful and Johnsonville sausages in order to receive them! The next issue of gluten free coupons will be out this fall so sign up today to get some gluten free coupons.

POM Wonderful coupons!
Johnsonville sausage coupons!

Johnsonville will send out coupons, if you contact them, every 90 days and POM Wonderful will send you some once a year when you email them.

Mail coupons from

Included in the gluten free coupons was a coupon code for 50% off of a 1 year subscription to Delight magazine. Use code GFCA50 at checkout. This magazine is centered around gluten free living and the regular price is $35.

Get your own free stuff with today’s freebies & contests!


Fat burning coffee!

HostGator sticker!


Personalized Set of 6 Snappy Towels! Ends June 11, 2015.

Wine decanter! Ends June 30, 2015.

$10 0000 from Schick Intuition! Daily entry, Ends August 03, 2015.

Butterball Gear up for Summer! Daily entry. Ends June 4, 2015.

Facebook Flash:

Restyle headbands from Tragic Beautiful!

$200 prepaid Mastercard from KFC!

2 000 Scene points! That is enough for 2 free movies!

Danone yogurt!

The Secrets We Keep novel!


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