Great Value & Grocery Savings!

A Costco membership is a great way to save on your grocery bill. The store carries high quality Kirkland products and brand name products at excellent prices. You may have to stock up, but you will see amazing savings. Costco Warehouses also have food courts with a $1.50 hot dog and fountain drink combo and liquor stores.

Starbucks sells big bags of whole beans along with other great coffee options. This is an easy way to get cheap whole bean coffee. The Kirkland brand Espresso Blend is also delicious!

This summer I got Betula sandals. They look exactly like Birkenstocks and even made by the same company, but at less than half the price! These sandals have become my go to shoes.

I love the Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes to remove my makeup and spot makeup brushes. They are also great while camping. These are only around $12 for 150 or so towels and are one of the wettest brands that I have tried. I store them with the closure down so that the top stays wet.

Get a free P&G sampler pack when you sign up for a membership today to start saving money!


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