Hands Free Winning with Nutella Instant Win

My Nutella instant win prize!

I gamed the Nutella Spoon It or Spread It instant win game because it takes forever to win anything! There are a multitude of great prizes including stand mixers, panini presses, waffle makers, notepads and tshirts! I heard one winner played for 3 hours to get a mixer and that 9 – 10 pm works best (probably Ontario time).

The game is quite simple and requires you to almost mindlessly pick from two options. I realized that a computer script could take care of this for me and I would be able to play the game while watching TV or doing anything with my computer running beside me.

I ran my script for about 2 hours and won a shirt!

My program is picks the spoon or spread options slower than if you were to play yourself, but it is hands free! Being slower means that you will have less entries within a time. I assume this contest works like the Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim, where a certain time stamp wins.

This script runs on JitBit Macro Recorder, which has a free trial period! Download the macro recorder here.

Download the script here.

Play the game here.

Yow can modify the amount of times the program will repeat in order to play longer. Remember to restart it periodically. If you need any help, comment below!

Good luck and let me know what you win!


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