Free Subscriptions for Canadians!


There are tons of free magazine subscription offers for Americans that Canadians can also get!

Simply pick an establishment in the USA and use their address to temporarily send the subscription to. Keep checking the change address part of the magazines site to see if you can change the address. Sometimes it can take a couple weeks for your account to be ready and accessible. It is easier to find the specific change of address page by doing a Google Search for “name of magazine change of address”. Make sure that you have the temporary address that you have used and type that in, because you will not have the magazine label.

I always write down which magazines I subscribe to in order to change all of the addresses. I have gotten Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Maxim and many others!

The best part is that a lot of magazines will have cool samples! Unfortunately, the coupons are only able to be redeemed in America.


9 thoughts on “Free Subscriptions for Canadians!

    • Google an american address. Write it down. When a free subscription offer is posted, sign up for the subscription with the American address. After a couple weeks, Google the magazine title and “Change of address”. Change the address to your actual address and wait for the magazine to come! Hope that helps.


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