Contacting Manufacturers!

Contacting manufacturers by sending them a quick email can be a great way to get free products and samples! Many companies are notorious for sending out products when responding to messages.

Be sure to include a personal story and share your love for the brand. Saying that the product is better than a competitor is a great strategy, but be sure to do your homework because Gain and Tide are both made by P&G and your message will likely be read by the same person.

I ask for stickers or coupons in most of my emails. I figure that it cannot hurt to ask and otherwise you are just thanked for sending a compliment.


Chapman’s Ice Cream sends out a high value coupon for their product every year if you contact them asking for it. I often see their products on sale for around $4.


Duck brand sent me stickers when I contacted them requesting stickers.

Follow my blog to see my freebie adventure! Here’s what I have gotten so far:

– Duck Brand (stickers)

– Chapmans (high value coupon, yearly)

– Sensodyne (free product coupon, 1 coupon yearly from GSK brands)

– Jelly Belly (4 free packages)


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